Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela

This is my favorite quote I've blogged about so far. I think this is VERY true. Every person has fear, even if they don't show it, and the ones who can rise about their fear are the ones with courage. I know from my MMA fighting experience that fear will get you messed up in a fight. You have to keep calm, even if you take a hard hit, even if your dizzy, no matter what, keep calm and do what your trained to do. You can't be scared of the pain either. Most fighters shut down the moment they feel pain because their fear overpowers their courage, but you need to remember it's a fight, and you are going to get hurt. If you keep calm, do as your trained, you stand a far better chance then being scared and constantly playing defense and anticipating all of their opponent's attacks, trying not to feel that pain again.

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