Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Current Events: Anti-Terrorism Law

Laws that passed several years ago about anti-terrorism, is considered to be unconstitutional. It is allowing the government to intercept certain types of communication, forcing some people to change the way they communicate, and violating the 4th amendment. This issue was taken to the supreme court. The reason this story interests me is because it shows how to government will be messed up and try to lie and cheat to do what they want. The 4th amendment protects our privacy, but what I've noticed is that alot of the times the government will try to find loop holes around their laws and amendments so they can get exactly what they want and it bugs me. But I don't personally care enough to even attempt to try and change it. Besides the government has alot more power then me, I would have to do ALOT for them to probably even consider changing, and they still would probably try to find loop holes.

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