Thursday, February 7, 2013

Current Events: Military Failure

4 Americans ambassadors were killed in Washington due to a terrorist attack because the military did not have enough time to cover the distance they were to save these americans. Panetta defended the militarys' failure, saying it is not their fault. Here's what I think; It may not be the militarys' fault, but why was washington not defended in the first place? Especially since 6 months prior to the attack, they had recieved 281 threats of an attack. I think the military should have taken these threats a little bit more seriously then they actually did. They could have saved those lives, but at the same time they still were able to respond to the attack, just they didnt have enough time to show up on time. I think this could have easily been prevented, and hopefully in the future the military doesnt make a mistake like this again.

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