Thursday, January 24, 2013

Emerson On Success

I completely agree with this quote. I have always been myself no matter what anyone says. And i follow my dreams no matter what anyone says. I wanna be a proffesional MMA fighter, and sometimes people tell me it's stupid, or i'm never going to make it. But I have alot of potential, and if I fuel that with effort, then I don't think, I KNOW I can do it. People also judge me all the time whenever I wear what i normally wear, which is actually girl skinny jeans with multi colors, and ocassionally i'd paint my nails. I used to have a purple mohawk too, although surprisingly I didn't get judged about that. No matter what I do or how I act, I don't care if people love me or hate me for it, I am who I am and no one will ever change that.

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